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People I followI'm interested in staying informed about a variety of global perspectives, so I follow individuals, businesses, and organisations from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, I'm particularly interested in topics related to equality, politics, law, and human rights, so I also follow notable accounts that share these interests. It's important to note that following an account doesn't necessarily indicate an endorsement of that person, business, or organisation, nor does it mean I necessarily agree with their views.

Favourites and likes
When I favorite or retweet a tweet, it's important to note that this doesn't necessarily signify my endorsement of the expressed views. Instead, my intention is to encourage discussions and to present diverse perspectives on complex or controversial subjects. Therefore, it would be incorrect to assume that my favoriting or retweeting of someone else's words necessarily implies agreement or support.

Direct messages
I welcome direct messages (DMs) from my followers, but please note that I will not respond to unsolicited sales or marketing messages. If you send me such messages, I reserve the right to unfollow and block you. Additionally, please do not send me shortened links via DM, as these can potentially be used to deliver malware or gather information about my IP address or connection. If you'd like me to review something, kindly provide the full, unshortened link.

Views are my own
The opinions I express are my own and do not reflect the views of any party, charity, business, organisation, or individual with whom I may be or have been affiliated, unless I specifically state otherwise.

Blocking other users
I reserve the right to block users who engage in abusive behavior, bullying, or sharing of hateful or discriminatory tweets. While you have the freedom to express your views, I also have the right to choose not to be exposed to such content. If you use your Twitter account to harass, upset, abuse, or ridicule others, I will not engage with you and may choose to block you.

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